Hi, my name is Catherine Piot and I am here to help you transform your body and feel great !

This is why I founded the Catherine Piot Institute, located in Berlin, one of the most active cities nowadays in Europe.

With over 20 years’ experience working in the field of sports, nutrition and fitness my focus is on helping my clients in the areas of Weight-Loss, Fitness and Body Transformation.

I work as a coach, fitness and nutrition consultant trainer and/or teacher. I am also an author of three fitness books:

Transform your body after 40. A women's guide to weight loss and fitness,

90 Days to a New Body. Get the physique you always wanted but never new how,

The Fit body Plan. How to get the most out of your time at the Gym. See results Now. (Available in Print and Digital Books on Amazon.com)

If you want a better body, a healthier life or want to achieve personal fitness and weight loss goals, you could benefit from my knowledge and practical experience.

I am passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. I believe our body is a fantastic machine and we can achieve incredible results when we are committed to get in shape and live a fit life.

I am training and coaching Men and Women who would like to achieve transformations. Be it losing weight, or building muscles, or be more energized, or even prepare for competitions or events.

This is great because we see the changes week after week and people get more and more motivated.

Making the decision to start and follow through with commitment is the most difficult part at the beginning.
This is where I come in : You see, this field seem simple, just lift weight or eat less and you will be fit and lean. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

You need a plan, you need to break habits and learn some new information about nutrition and how our body operates.

Then you need to train following a methodology. In short you need a coach who guides, explains, pushes and motivates.
  • MA degree from VIF University in Physical Education, Nutrition and Gymnastic Training.
  • Physique Elite Transformation Specialist
  • Physique Elite Advanced Nutrition Specialist
  • Performance Trainer
  • Training for Warriors Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
Over the years, I have also built on my experiences with Massage Therapies Qualifications, such as:
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Reflexology
  • Energy Massage Therapy
  • Jacobson therapy

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