100 % Individualized Training

Specific Programs Tailored to YOUR Unique Expectations and Goals !
  • 100% Personalized Training
  • Transform Your Body
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Get back in Shape
  • See Results !!!

You want to change your physique, lose weight, transform your body ?

Just going to the gym won't bring you the desired results:

You will need the help of a top professional. Someone who has already helped many men and women by getting them into their best possible shape!
Buying a gym membership is the first step towards a positive change that will bring you closer to your weight, goals and desired appearance.

But as simple as it may sound its hard work to achieve real lasting results. In fact its pretty rare.

We know how frustrated you can feel when you cannot really see any changes after countless hours at the gym, numerous diets and endless aerobic classes.

This is where we can help YOU!

What can we do for you?

During an initial consultation we discuss your goals and expectations. We then prepare a unique training plan 100% specifically made for YOU to achieve those objectives. Whether you decide to train 1 or 5 days per week with us, our unique training methods are designed to:
  • Accelerate Fat Burn
  • Speed up Metabolism
  • Get you Visible Results
  • Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone
  • Boost your Self-Confidence
You will train in our private facility under step guidance from Catherine. You will develop confidence to do more and more. Your workouts will be out of the ordinary, intense and ultra effective. You will:
  • Melt Fat
  • Get Toned / Ripped
  • Build Muscle
  • Increase Your Strength
  • Raise Your Energy Level
  • Feel Great and Look Fantastic!

Training Pricing

Classes Number of Sessions Price Discount Saving BUY NOW
Single Session 1 80€ - BUY NOW
10 Sessions 10 700€ Save 100€ BUY NOW
Body Transformation Packages Duration Sessions per Week Price BUY NOW
Super Intensive 4 Weeks 5 X Week 1.495€ BUY NOW
Body Transformation 12 Weeks 2 X Week 1.695€ BUY NOW
Body Transformation 12 Weeks 3 X Week 1.995€ BUY NOW
Body Transformation 12 Weeks 5 X Week 2.895€ BUY NOW

Nutrition Program

Nutrition is an essential part of the success.

No matter how hard you train without a well-balanced diet and structured eating program your results will be dramatically impaired. "You are what you eat" and nowadays eating right needs correct training as well.
We will develop specific meal plans in conjunction with your training goals, training frequency and training intensity.

They are created specifically for YOU, according to our consultations and your progress. They will provide you with the necessary amount of nutrients and calories.

They will remove the “junk food” from your eating habits and help you understand how your metabolism works to maintain your gains long term.

The meal plans can be booked alone or with any training.
Individualized Meal Plan €295

See the results for yourself!

















What Our Customers Are Saying

I had put on a lot of weight in the last 10 years and was at the point where I had neither energy nor strength. Catherine helped me tremendously! first she is very tough, so you get pushed intelligently. No way I would have done it alone. Second, she is very experienced & her training is completely different from just using machines, its fast, intense and when you are done, you know your money was well spent!
Nicolas P.Berlin
I was told that it would take me 1 year or more to lose the 10-12 pounds I had put on on. I was frustrated and when a colleague recommended Catherine, I switched. The results have been Amazing! I am hooked now. I lost my extra weight in 10 weeks and am in a shape I would never have believed possible. Her combination of individualized exercise programs & meal plans are fantastic! Dont think about it, Just go for it !
Tassoula H.Berlin

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