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Do you want to lose weight, burn body fat or learn how to eat healthy and maintain your current weight?No matter what your goal is you can choose either from one of our ready to download Meal Plans or choose to work personally with me to get the maximum out of a Meal Plan made for you and your body.

Lose Weight OVER 40

Lose Weight OVER 40

Over the age of 40 many things change in our body. Hormonal imbalances can affect your weight. You need lifestyle and eating change of that will go along with the needs that your body has at this age. Your exercise needs are also much different than before.This program includes nutrition and meal plans, lifestyle changes and exercise plans.Let’s restore your health, fitness and confidence!

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At Catherine Piot Institute we believe that everyone can get to greater state of health and fitness with proper guidance and information.

We do not believe in diets, only in achievable and durable lifestyle changes. This is why we are successful.

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How it all started

Catherine's story

How it all started

We started with just an idea but had a clear vision.It started slowly but we kept grinding…