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5 Tips to avoid gaining weight on Halloween

Halloween can be scary but the thought of all the candy that gets around is even scarier. It feels like you have the key to the castle for that day and you can do as you wish.

For many it’s a good enough reason to try everything sweet that comes in front of them and drink their fair amount as well.

Halloween can bring you out of your habits and if you don’t have an action plan you can regret it very soon after all the festivities and parties are over.

The following 5 simple steps can keep you out of trouble for good and also keep your waistline the same size.

  1. Don’t go to work without breakfast. If you know or at least suspect that large amounts of candy will be circulating around your office, be prepared.

If you arrive at work without feeling hungry you will be less likely to dive into the candy bowl.

  1. Bring with you fruit cuts and nuts to snack on, while you work at your desk. Keeping a healthy snack on hand it will keep you full and you won’t look for the Halloween candy for a pick me up snack. Especially if your Co- workers like to keep chocolate treats on their desk as a way celebrate the day.

3- Make your own treat bag healthy. Instead of offering the regular sweet candy, fill your treat bag with healthier choices like dried cranberries, raisings, mini granola and sugarless gumiberchen.  If you have kids this is a great way to teach them about healthy choices and that they can also taste good.

  1. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas or natural juices during the day. Water, tea and juices will reduce your appetite, keep you hydrated and take your mind away from the candy bars and alcohol. If you must attend a party mix water with your beverage and drink slowly.
  2. Instead of a traditional Halloween party, choose to do something else with your family and friends. Go to a movie, see a play or get a nice dinner at a restaurant. Keep yourself busy and surrounded with people. The more active you are the less tempted you will be.

If you follow these 5 simple steps you can easily navigate through all the temptations without succumbing to them. Halloween can be fun without breaking the calorie bank and without gaining weight.

Enjoy Halloween!

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