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Catherine Piot Institute – Who we are


Hi everybody


It’s Catherine, the face behind Catherine Piot Institute. I wanted to share my story and how CPI was born . 

Ever since I can remember,  my passion has been in sports and a little later nutrition. I naturally chose to pursue university studies in this field and  obtain a master’s degree in physical education, nutrition and gymnastics.

I was destined to work as a physical education teacher in public and private schools, or as a fitness instructor or a personal trainer in gyms.

I have done so for years successfully.

I always wanted to help people, especially women, get in shape, eat well, be healthy and live an active lifestyle that will keep them in good physical and mental  health, mobility and let them pursue happiness for a lifetime

I created Catherine Piot Institute in 2007 and dedicated myself into changing the way people looked and feel – for the better.

I am specialized into helping women after the age of 40 losing the unwanted weight get fit and regain their energy and vitality. Everyone can get fit at their 20’s and 30’s but in your 40’s is a whole new chapter. 

Now in my fifties I have been through all stages of life and I combine my passion and knowledge to help you achieve great results. As you can say ”I talk the talk and walk the walk”

I never believed in hard restricted diets that only give temporary results and a big amount of frustration only to get you back to square one.

With our full meal plans where you get to eat a great variety of foods, never feeling deprived but also giving you the tools to learn about your body and the effect of food on you.

My motto is lifestyle change adopting new habits, understanding your body the way it reacts with different foods and the role of exercise.

Exercise is a very important part of the success of our clients and we give you the possibility to exercise either at home or at the gym. 

We guide you through the entire process and we are there to help you get results

There are so many pieces in one equation that only when put together in the right order give you a physical and mental transformation.

I am taking the burden of guessing off your shoulders and if you are willing to take the step towards improving your self for life I am here to help you get there.

It is my vision and mission to help as many women (and men) as possible het fitter healthier and transform physically and mentally.



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