How to exercise if you are over 40


Exercise over 40

Exercise over the age of 40 can raise many questions. Many people wonder if they should hang their workout clothes and take a retirement from active gym going and all the pleasures of exercise just because they are in their 40’s.

Good form

As we get older exercise becomes even greater necessity if we want to preserve good health, maintain or lose weight and keep age related diseases under control. If you are used to exercise and are familiar with the different exercises you can keep on working out the same way as before. You will have to train smart and not train with ego. You don’t need to show off how much you can lift, bench or jump to no one.

Warm up properly

You need to warm up properly and start and never take shortcuts and jump into your workout directly. You need to pay attention on what your body is telling you. If some days you feel not so great, just do a lighter and quick workout, rather than pushing yourself even harder. In our 40’s is very important to avoid injuries since they take longer to heal and they will probably bother you for much longer than you think. Remember to stretch after you finish. This will speed recovery and provide greater flexibility

Are you new to exercise?

If you are someone with not so much experience in the gym or just started working out you need to pay attention to few more things. First, learn to execute the exercises properly. Form is very important especially if you are a beginner. Forget about the number on the dumbbell and just concentrate on doing the move the right way. You need to accustom your body to new moves and positions. You will need to work on improving your strength endurance and flexibility ( in other worlds lay good foundations) before jumping into more complex exercises. Make sure to consult a physician before you start, especially if you have any previously known conditions, like hypertension, heart disease, are very overweight, or take any kind of medication. Never consider yourself fit with just a few extra pounds, just because you used to play in you high school volleyball team. The body changes rapidly but this goes both ways. You can improve really fast but if you haven’t exercise in some time, you need to be more careful in your 40’s. Once your initial adaptation phase has passed, you will find that you can do the same things as people half your age at the gym. Remember to stretch after you finish your workout. This will speed recovery and provide greater flexibility. You don’t need to hold yourself back just because you are in your 40’s. You need to start training smarter and work in harmony with your body. You will be surprised how much more you can achieve!
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