How to get bigger arms

The big question

This is probably one of the most frequent questions I get –and any other trainer on earth, I guess.
To be honest it mostly comes from guys who want to add some ‘’curls’’ to their upper body. However I do get that question from females as well. Having bigger arms it’s not only about men who want to look nice. Women understand as well the importance of shapping up their arms, making them bigger, just because having more muscle and shape is important.

Why bigger arms.

Apart from the aesthetics of having a nice shape, women should understand that the muscle added to the biceps and triceps muscle will not only avoid them the lose skin and hanging arms, also fat accumulation, but it will significantly increase their metabolic rate.
For men it’s easier of course to increase their arm size, women should not be afraid to lift the weight they won’t look like beasts. It’s related to hormones, genetics and of course work put in it.

How to train.

Training for bigger arms requires a planning and discipline as everything else. It’s not because you deal with smaller muscles that you should take shortcuts. There are several ways to train your arms if you want to increase in size and there.
Use supersets. Here you should do two exercises in a row with no rest in between. First exercise should be for biceps and the following for triceps. Just like this:
Standing bicep curl with dumbbells for 5 sets 12 repetitions
Triceps cable pushdown 5 sets 12 repetitions
After you complete one set you rest for 1 min and repeat until you finish all 5.
Another example is this:
Standing e-z curls for 3 sets of 8-10 followed by triceps rope extension for 3 sets also 8-10 repetitions.
These supersets are to be integrated in your regular workout program as part of your arm training.
Another way is to dedicate one day only to arm training and do something like this.
Straight bar curls 4 sets of 10
Hammer curls both arms 4 sets of 10
Incline bench curls 4 sets of 10
Preacer curls 4 sets of 10
Rest for about 1 min between sets, before moving on, to the next exercise.
Whichever way you decide to go, remember to change exercises and intensity every 4 weeks. This will keep your muscles stimulated and will promote growth.

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