How to lose weight after 40

You can lose weight after 40

Losing weight can be a very emotional issue but is it even possible to lose weight after 40?

I talk to many women who often sound desperate thinking that this is a lost cause and why even bother. After 40, our bodies begin to go through many changes, like decline of hormonal levels, slower metabolic rate, busier lives that put physical activity in the second plan and more often than not the bad eating habits that settle in for good.

Losing weight can be tough at any age but it can be much harder in your 40’s. This doesn’t mean impossible and giving up just because you turn 40 is simply wrong.

Know your enemies

When it comes to weight loss after 40 you need to understand that this is a ‘’mind game’ ’as much as it is physical.   Your mind has an extraordinary power over your actions and it can either sabotage you or push you forward. Before even beginning any weight loss fitness, nutrition or both plan, please get the right mind-set. If your weight is an issue now, it will only get worst over time.


If you don’t move, everything you eat will be stuck with you. Unfortunately as our metabolic rate drops over time we need to keep active in order to have a good metabolic rate. You should aim for 45-60 min daily activity. Otherwise you may find yourself weighting even more in a year from now

If you don’t know where to start I can help you or you can even grab a copy of my book:

When at the gym you should try to do high intensity workouts, meaning using light weights and higher repetitions and moving from one exercise to the next with minimum rest. This will bring your heart rate up and will activate the fat burning mechanism.

Another component of fat loss is cardio. Cardio can be done in many forms and different machines but the essential for you to remember is that running for hours on the treadmill is not the way to go.

You should rather use interval training. Intervals of slower pace or running, walking followed by increase in speed where you can run much faster. You can alternate speed and inclination and vary the intensity of your workout. This way, fat is activated and burned much faster which will bring you closer to the desired result.


If you love deserts and fast food you should simply forget about them. This may sound hard but it’s the truth. Our body handles junk food less effectively as we age and we can’t get away with eating any of that. Instead make a shopping list of what you will need to cook for the next few days and stock your fridge with fresh vegetables, salads, lean protein like chicken, turkey, white fish, tuna, low-fat Greek yogurt, beans, sprouts, eggs. You can find plenty of healthy recipes at

Watch your portion sizes and stop overeating. Most of the time we underestimate how much we eat and we end up getting almost twice the calories we need. A good investment for you will be to by a set of measuring cups, so that you can measure the exact quantities you put in your plate.

Watch your carbohydrates. Stay away of all processed, high fat and sugary food. Eat only complex carbohydrates and increase your protein intake. Take your fats from olive and flax oil, and avocado and natural nuts. Remember that even healthy fats have calories, so you need to pay attention to quantities as well.

Taking these simple steps it will help you get started and get going. Remember though that weight loss is a long process and rather a lifestyle. Don’t see it as a short term sacrifice. Set a goal, commit to it and go for it. You can lose weight over 40 and look and feel great!

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