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How to lose weight without going on a diet


Is it even possible to lose weight without going on some diet? Are you dreading the idea that you cannot have pizza for very long time?

As a matter you can lose weight without following a diet, if you are prepared to follow certain things.

  1. The very first thing to start with is serve your lunches and dinners in small plates. If your serving portions are much smaller even if you eat the same foods as before you will be eating much less. This automatically reduces the amount of calories you are taking in.
  2. Put 2-3 different veggies on the table. You can grill, cook or serve fresh. When you have more variety of vegetables as a side dish you will eat more of those. If you use olive oil and sprinkled cheese you can even make them a lot more appealing to your taste buds.
  3. Count your eating time. When you eat fast you eat more than you need. Your body doesn’t have the time to get the full signal and start releasing the satiety hormones. By eating slowly will get full much quicker.
  4. Drink water with your meal. Have a glass of water next to your plate and remember to drink during your meal. You should have an empty glass by the time you are done eating.
  5. Eat regular meals and stay hungry for long. If you wait the entire day to have a great dinner you will be extremely hungry by the time you actually get sit down and eat. Try to eat 3 meals a day and keep your energy level constant.
  6. If you are a pizza lover, replace some of the toppings with light versions. You can get more vegetable ones, light cheese and thin crusts. Replace the regular size with a small one.
  7. Limit eating out but when you do you can follow the sharing rule. Share your appetizer with your dinning friends. Order a half portion or children’s portion. This way you can eat your favorite dish a small portion-
  8. Eat more soups before your main course. Vegetable soups, and Chinese won-ton and soups can cut your appetite in half. You should avoid creamy ones though because they are usually high in fat. Soups will keep you full and you won’t be able to finish your main course.
  9. Reduce your red meat intake to 1-2 times a week. Replace red meat with lean white meat like chicken or turkey or try vegetarian options.
  10. Try to be more physically active. You can take a walk in your lunch break or after dinner, do some house work, or park your car far from your workplace entrance so that you take couple of extra minutes’ walk.

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