Catherine Piot Institute

8 Weeks Gain Lean Muscle


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How does it work?

1. You have a call with me
2. We discuss your current situation and goals and decide if this is the right plan for you
3. I will then prepare an exercise and meal plan that will be focused on getting you the best possible results for this 4-week time
4. I will guide you step by step through the exercise routine over videos
5. We get together once a week to discuss progress (8 calls total)
6. Along with your meal plan you will also get a shopping list with all the ingredients you need to prepare your meals along with recipes of the different meals (all easy to make but very tasty)

*Your AGE and fitness level are not important. You can follow this program because I work with you very closely and I make sure that you are making progress.

**Your country of residence is not important. You don’t have to live near me to get the benefits of working exclusively with me.

***You don’t necessarily need to join a gym if you don’t already belong to one. I design the workouts based on where and how much you can exercise. Home or gym it depends on you.

I am here to help you see results and I will accompany you all the way through your program.