Fat Loss With Higher Protein 1700 Cal- For Active Women

Fat Loss With Higher Protein Fat Loss For Active Women 1700 Cal

149,00  excl. Vat


Fat Loss With Higher Protein 1700 Cal – For Active Women

Are you an active person who enjoys exercing, takig long walks, hikes or bike rides with friends and family?

Or do you have a job  that is physically demanding and keeping you on your feet the entire day moving around ?

This meal plan is specifically designed for all the ladies who are active but still want to lose some body fat.
It includes 7 days meals that you can follow starting from 1 week up to 12 consecutive weeks. I don’t recommend that you follow the plan for longer than this because your body will adapt, and your results will start to diminish.

Like all our plans this one contains a variety of foods and it will give you all the necessary nutrients to establish a good nutritional balance and avoid any kind of deficiencies. You will find that it is easy to follow and easy to prepare.

It is balanced and it will help you lose weight and melt body fat if you follow it correctly.
Keep in mind that this is not a diet it is a healthy eating lifestyle. To get the best possible results I invite you to continue being active and going to the gym as physical activity is very important for continues success.

If in any point you want to work with me on 1 to 1 basis you can always email me or book a call to speak to me.

I wish you the best success!


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