Craving is that intense feeling of hunger that you need to satisfy it immediately. You mostly crave particular foods like sweets. The food craving goes away once you eat that food that is usually high in carbohydrates.

The more carbs and sugar you eat the more cravings you are luckily to have. Food cravings can also occur due to hormonal changes that are caused by stress.

Women who go through stress at work and managing work and family often suffer from cravings that lead them to overeat and gain weight.

There are solutions to that as long as you are willing to take action and do the changes.

First of all start drinking a lot of water. Many times the brain is sending out hunger signals when in reality you are dehydrate and the body thing your body needs is water.

Eat fruits. Fruits are naturally sweets and the fructose they contain with satisfy the feeling that you need something sweet to eat.  By replacing actual sugar with natural sugar coming from fruits (fructose) will slowly make your cravings disappear.

Never go too long without eating. If your body stays long hours without food it is more luckily to trigger cravings and intense hunger pangs. Avoid this situation by eating snacks that are low on simple carbohydrates, don’t contain sugar and can calm your hunger.

Eat more protein with your meals. Protein gives a satiety feeling which will not trigger any cravings.

Use the replacement method. As most often than not the cravings are triggered by high carbohydrate and sugar consumption, you can implement the replacement method that has been proven very effective. Slowly start replacing things that are unhealthy and luckily will cause you cravings, with other healthy alternatives.

For example if you crave sweets and pastries opt for a fruit instead. All fruits are good even though some are higher in natural sugar but still good choice. You can even have a dry fruit like prune or apricot (but not more than one piece)

If you crave salty things like potato chips you can replace them with natural popcorn or you can make your own sweet potato chips.

If sodas and other fizzy drinks is what you crave you can replace that with water, regular or sparkling and add some lemon, mint, cucumber or pieces of fruits. It will calm your cravings keep you hydrated and will protect your immune system.

Sometimes the body starts craving certain kind of foods because you can either eat a diet without variation and you exclude some nutritious foods completely (like when you eat a lot of junk food and not enough fresh food)

Remember that cutting down on simple carbs, sugars and high fat junk food; your cravings will slowly disappear. Start replacing your bad eating habits with new healthy ones and you will get surprised how fast your bodies will get accustomed to them. A very helpful step is to remove foods that trigger cravings from your environment. For example, don’t keep any candy bars in the drawer of your desk at work, or never keep ice cream in your refrigerator at home.

Take some multivitamin with minerals that will support you in case you develop deficiencies from an unhealthy diet.

If you start following these simple steps, not only you will get rid of the cravings, but your weight will go down as well.

To your health


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